About US

Hello everyone. So, here is a small introduction to myself.

My name is Srinivas Vitthal Pandurangi, and I’ve completed my B.E  in Civil engineering and currently pursuing my M. Tech in Highway engineering from R. V. College of engineering Bangalore.

I always wanted to make a website. I mean it was my dream. In 2011, I started a blog which because of various reasons I couldn’t succeed. I failed terribly in blog itself. Because I was unable to get even 1 or 2 page visits per day. I researched about the reasons for failure and found many reasons. But that didn’t stopped me. On a particular moment in 2013, I again started a new blog, and again a failure.

By end of 2013 and starting of 2014 I was a failed person on online web platforms. So, I thought about YouTube. Hence there started another innings of my online world the YouTube. I created a general information and news channel and named the channel “KARUNADA SUDI”. It was way back in 2015. Though I got good views, and subscribers but the revenue was very very little.

Finally, in December 2017, I bought the domain civilengineerbuddy.com, this time no blogging. I purchased a hosting plan from Go Daddy and started the website. Its going great with about 100 page views minimum per day. its very young – just 3-4 months old.

In the course of building this website I learnt a lot both on our subject (Civil Engineering) and web building.

I always wanted to share the knowledge and information that I’ve studied and gained during the course of my Engineering and masters, hence I created this website to do the same.

I’ve more comprehensive plans for this website. From providing notes, to guest lecturing etc., even I’ve created a YouTube Channel with the same name can be found here.

You people are great. Support my web building, be a part of it. You can write your stories on civil engineering – success and failures, which helps others in various aspects. Help us in building the knowledge of civil engineering on web.

Together lets create a whole, comprehensive and detailed civil engineering hub. The civil engineer buddy.

If you want to contact me contact me from the contact us page in this site. I always like to meet new people and hear their experience and story on civil engineering issues.

Thank you for visiting my site.